Link Building Services

As specialists in high-quality blogger outreach, our link building services are utilised by our own clients as well as in a white label capacity or by in-house teams who need extra assistance.

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Despite what we are often told by Google, link building is still one of the most important and influential elements of SEO.

Link building is a way of increasing your website’s authority by generating high quality, relevant links to a website and is one of the quickest ways you can increase rankings. It does, however, only work if it is done well and in line with SEO best practice guidelines. To do link building well is a very laborious, long winded task consisting of analysing hundreds of websites. The key to it is picking out sites with good metrics and statistics that are regularly updated with quality content, whilst avoiding link networks and spam sites in the process.

Our dedicated link builders and SEO executives go through a rigorous training regime when they join us, whether they have previous experience in SEO or not. None of our link building services are outsourced, all work is completed in-house including the writing and production of every piece of content that we use. This means we have complete control over quality, and enables us to achieve the fast and sustainable SEO results we are known for.

Our blogger outreach service is popular amongst companies looking to increase their rankings quicker than at competitor agencies and also by those who wish to bring in more traffic as a form of online PR.

How do we judge the quality of a link?

  • Authority Metrics – We use a variety of different authority metrics including Trust Flow, Page Authority and Domain Authority.
  • Topic – It is great to build a link with good authority, but it also needs to be relevant, which is where Topical Trust Flow and individual assessment comes in. To determine the relevance of a link correctly, it needs to be done manually by a trained SEO professional who knows what they’re looking for.
  • General Website – We look at the quality of the content on a website, how frequently it is updated and if there are any paid/sponsored posts that are being passed off as normal content (against Google’s guidelines).
  • Number Of Existing Links – A website with millions of links already going to other sites will likely pass on very little authority, therefore it is essential to primarily target sites with a much lower link ratio.
  • Follow/No-Follow – Both types of link are required for a natural looking link profile, which is the ultimate aim of any link building project. A successful campaign comes from determining what proportion of links given out on a website are follow to no-follow.

What is our link building process?

  • Once we have completed our initial audit and strategy we know what type of links are required, as well as the point we need to get to in order to start ranking on the first page of Google, then the top 5, top 3 and finally the coveted number 1 spot.
  • Our link building process involves numerous methods including the use of infographics, content marketing and guest posting (blogger outreach).
  • All links built will be of a high quality, follow Google’s guidelines and any content used will be created/written in-house.
  • Every link built will be included in your end of month report.

Whether you’re looking for dedicated link building services or it will form part of an overall SEO strategy, our process will lead to results quicker than any other agency. For more information please contact us on 0161 711 0888or submit an enquiry online.