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Red Cow Media offer a variety of different SEO audits to suit your requirements. Whether you’re looking for a brief overview, a detailed SEO audit or an impartial expert audit to use as part of a legal case, we can offer a solution.

Our audits are priced based on numerous factors including:

  • Size of a website – audits are priced based on our day rate and the number of hours it will take to complete i.e. the bigger the website, the more it will cost.
  • Google Analytics & Search Console Availability – if you have a GA and SC account with historical data on, we will use this as part of the audit. If this is unavailable/hasn’t been set up correctly then we may have to leave certain sections of the audit out.
  • Amount of content/products – dependent upon the type of audit, a website with a lot of content/products may increase the price. We do not only take into consideration the overall size of the site but also how much content is on each of the pages.
  • Location – if the website is optimised locally and is only targeting local keywords for Manchester or London then an audit will be far cheaper than an international website with variations for different countries, languages and/or currencies.

Each audit has its own area of focus unless you go for our ‘all-in-one’ option which includes everything from technical to user experience, content, links, conversion rate optimisation and paid channel visibility.

Please find our full list of available audits below:

  • SEO Audit – Our SEO Audit comprises of a complete breakdown of SEO elements and gives you a great indication of your site’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can formulate a plan to improve it going forward. Everything from technical SEO elements to mobile optimisation, links, content, competitor analysis, keywords and reporting is included.
  • Technical Audit – This focuses specifically on areas such as Text/HTML ratio, W3C Validation, Page Size, Load Speed, Server Location, Structured Data, Canonicalisation and if required, Internationalisation (loading the correct version of a site depending upon country, currency and language and reviewing hreflang attributes).
  • UX (User Experience) Audit – A key audit when looking to increase your website’s conversion rate. Within this we analyse Google Analytics data in conjunction with heat-mapping and recorded user testing (similar to a focus group). From this we can find potential issues on your website, whether it is to do with fatal technical glitches, irrelevant visitors based on poor SEO, an untrusted site/brand or an overly complicated user journey to complete a defined conversion.
  • Content Audit – Analysing your content not only from an SEO perspective but also a sales perspective. Well written content should make people want to enquire/purchase but lead them to trust the site instantly. We include content comparisons with competitors as well as LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) analysis. Content audits include news/blog content if required.
  • Link Audit – We analyse every aspect of your link profile including follow/no-follow ratios, overall authority compared to competitors, how authority flows through your website to sub-pages and sub-sub-pages and where current weaknesses lie. If needs be and the quality is spammy, we could potentially recommend a link disavow (this is at an additional cost if you wish us to complete the disavow process). We will provide a general direction for your link building efforts going forward based on our findings.
  • Brand Presence & Visibility – Within this audit we take a look at your brand’s general presence across the internet. This includes social media channels, SEO, PPC, brand name mentions, whether there has been a general increase/decrease in people looking for your brand, local presence (if required), reputation (reviews) and we will formulate a plan to give you the best possible presence online.
  • All In One – The ‘All In One’ audit contains all of the above audits in one large document.

If you’d like any further information on individual audits or would like to know the price for an audit of your website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch either via our contact form or by calling 0161 711 0888.